24 & 25 JUNE, 2022 · BERLIN

We Are Psyched!

We at Psychberg proudly present a new, unique musical experience to add to your festival calendar. Created by music lovers for music lovers, Psychberg brings you the freshest, most compelling sounds of psychedelic rock, fuzz, drone, darkwave, krautrock, post punk, wave and more!


Collective musical euphoria is our mission. We think it’s time to overcome the growing mass individualism by gathering with like-minded souls to enjoy a musical journey into our inner selves, together! 


Over the course of the weekend we will deliver spiralling reverb to your eyes, multicoloured smoke to your ears and soul-gripping sounds to blow your mind!


We welcome you to this open family of colourful hedonists, to share, feel safe and respected in the warmth of people who know how to make and appreciate decent tunes! Come, gather and enjoy an expertly curated selection of musical mayhem from around the globe. 


Let’s bring it!



24 & 25 JUNE, 2022


This is what you´re going to see next June 2022



Simon and Patricio formed the band in the Centocelle district of Rome in 2007, before recruiting Guiseppe six years later. After a string of successful EPs and two years hibernating to record the opus, the band feels now is the time to release a full length.

The Chemistry and closeness of the bandmembers both on and off the stage is a factor to take in consideration. They are definitely the best-kept secret of Italian psychedelia and fun to have around.



Mystery Art Orchestra

In 2012, singer and guitarist Tino Bogedaly was drawn to Berlin to discover the city's rock 'n' roll underground, that provided what he’d been missing out in the sticks. Inspired by the local music scene he founded the Mystery Art Orchestra. What started as a warmer psychedelic sound cooled down when André Wlodarski joined the band on keys and has since evolved into a modern interpretation of Post-Punk. Drummer Bastian Müller is the driving force, giving minimalistic rhythm to varied guitar arrangements while electronic bass and synthesizer add another dimension.

The result is sometimes disruptive and sometimes strangely familiar, almost as if different musical decades have been torn apart and stitched back together in unexpected ways. After several live performances in Germany, England and Portugal, MAO produced their debut album "Prismatic Dream" (robojim, 2018) and a 7"-EP "Enjoy The Violence" (robojim, 2019). The band is currently working on a new release for 2020.



Juleah 1.jpg


Juleah and her band are playing smooth Psychrock, flavored with elements of swaggering Britpop and shimmering Shoegaze. Melancholia surfs on gentle waves towards the summer, guitars meander in yin and yang while the blues leads into the depths of the subconscious. The groove is steering the course, easygoing, while the songs conquer widths soaked in reverb.

Blending the bluesy rock & roll of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with the shoegaze decadence of Ride and Slowdive, Juleah has found its trademark sound in sweet but sultry vocals and the depths of reverb-soaked guitars. While remaining steeped in omnipresent psych leanings, Juleah has delicately perfected the art of genre reinvention, taking heed of everything from the snarl of southern guitar riffs to the shimmer of surf rock.




“There was a thread in American music in the late 1960s that someone untangled across the U.S., then stretched over to Europe, where it took root in 80s shoegaze. It ties together bands as disparate as the 13th Floor Elevators, the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Mazzy Star, Blonde Redhead, and the Jesus & Mary Chain. It’s noise rock or math punk or psychedelic or shoegaze or doom: It’s the down-tuned sound of chaos and beauty, and while no one was looking, it also worked its way through the Americas and took root in Brazil under the name Firefriend. At the forefront of this new wave of darkwave, psychedelia is this band, from Sao Paulo, Brazil: Firefriend. Formed in 2009, this three-piece continues to go from strength to strength: Each album offering stronger material than it’s predecessor. With a huge cult-following rapidly gaining numbers in both Europe and North America.



Father Midnight

Father Midnight were born next to an abandoned Späti in a dark slimmy street in Berlin. Rising from the underground mush the guys joined the temple of fuzz with edgy guitar reefs,  solos, groovie bass lines and kicking drums.



dwavehed - dave guerrero

Specialises in integrating video feedback, video synth, live cameras, moving and still images into live visual projections or music video production. Beginning experimentations with liquid light projection.

Fascinated by video feedback at a young age, now a practicing visual artist. Studied music with emphasis in multimedia technology and gained valuable experience as a Audio/Video Installation Technician for 5 years at @Artpace San Antonio International Artist in Residence, assisting prominent contemporary artists such as Kelly Richardson, David Adjaye, Kota Ezawa, which led to being an assistant installation technician for Isaac Julien's nine screen film installation Ten Thousand Waves at Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam in 2012.


Senza titolo-BYN.jpg

The Gluts

Excess, surplus, too much, saturation, overkill, overload… they are all synonymous of GLUT.
Too much of good things, in slang.
This is THE GLUTS, a powerful overloaded psychedelic rock.
We like the punk attitude and the DIY, and of course we are proud to have heard someone say: “They are the LOUDEST band in Milan”
Play to believe. But play it LOUD.


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